Stowaway Baby Raccoons from Florida

When you park a rented van at a long-term parking lot at an airport, you expect it to be as you left it when you return. Unfortunately, someone must have attempted burglary of this particular vehicle, as a window was … Continued

Young Bobcat Returns to the Wild

Sometimes it is hard to tell if an injured cat by the side of the road is a wild cat or a domestic pet. Especially when the cat in question weighs just over seven pounds. This Bobcat is small enough … Continued

Squirrel Trapped in Birdfeeder

If you have birdfeeders in your yard, you know how challenging it can be to keep squirrels away from them. Like songbirds, squirrels simply can’t resist the bountiful buffet of seeds you’ve provided! There are many “squirrel proof” feeders and … Continued

Keep Halloween Safe for Wildlife

The horror of entanglement In the past weeks, WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital has treated several patients for entanglement injuries. Only one of the entanglements this week has been Halloween-related, like the little Screech Owl caught in fake spiderweb decorations a few … Continued

Whooo’s Outsmarting Whom?

This large, and otherwise healthy Great Horned Owl was found by a Novato resident, right outside her front door. The bird had been hit by a car and was obviously severely injured. Fortunately, this owl’s rescuer knew he needed to … Continued

Coyote Returns to the Wild

WildCare Was This Coyote’s Only Hope As many of us know, coyotes are intelligent animals. They have figured out how to live among humans, and in most cases, they successfully navigate around people and our stuff without harm. But sometimes … Continued

Summer Is Rattlesnake Season

Summer is the time to see snakes Right now is prime time to see snakes basking on rocks along beautiful hiking trails around the Bay Area. Of the many diverse species of native snakes in California, there is only one … Continued

Baby Raccoons at WildCare

Orphaned Baby Raccoons in Care Photos, video and main story by Shelly Ross Baby raccoons are, without a doubt, some of the most charming, amusing and delightful patients we treat in our Wildlife Hospital. Because they are incredibly intelligent and … Continued