Baby Birds Big and Small at WildCare

It’s official! Spring has arrived, and with it, baby birds fallen from their nests and needing help in WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital. According to our Birdroom Manager, the majority of the 20 baby Western Scrub Jays currently in our care fell … Continued

Coyote Baby at WildCare

This tiny coyote pup’s rescuers had seen a female coyote in the area a few hours before he was found. They said they saw her carrying something in her mouth… maybe a pup? Sometimes a mother coyote will decide that … Continued

Ducklings, Squirrels and Turtles, Oh My!

Spring is in the air, and everywhere wildlife is feeling it! Animals of all species are finding mates, building nests and having babies right now, and WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital is starting our busiest time of year. It’s an amazing thing … Continued

Stowaway Baby Raccoons from Florida

When you park a rented van at a long-term parking lot at an airport, you expect it to be as you left it when you return. Unfortunately, someone must have attempted burglary of this particular vehicle, as a window was … Continued

Young Bobcat Returns to the Wild

Sometimes it is hard to tell if an injured cat by the side of the road is a wild cat or a domestic pet. Especially when the cat in question weighs just over seven pounds. This Bobcat is small enough … Continued

Squirrel Trapped in Birdfeeder

If you have birdfeeders in your yard, you know how challenging it can be to keep squirrels away from them. Like songbirds, squirrels simply can’t resist the bountiful buffet of seeds you’ve provided! There are many “squirrel proof” feeders and … Continued