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Senate to vote on legislation to require precautionary booms around fueling vessels!
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Dear Friend,

Next week the California Senate will vote on AB 234, the bill to require booms around fueling vessels in California's open waters We need your support to get this bill passed!

Let's let our Senators know we support this legislation that will minimize or prevent oil spills during fueling operations!

Each year hundreds of vessels receive thousands of gallons of toxic fuel in routine oil transfers throughout the state, and there is no requirement for a protective barrier to prevent spilled oil from spreading if it hits the water!

AB 234 is legislation introduced by Assemblymember Jared Huffman to mandate the use of precautionary booms around all vessels fueling in California's open waters. WildCare supports this legislation and we need your help to get it passed!

We are increasingly conscious of the risks to wildlife and the environment from toxic oil in water. The Gulf catastrophe is unmistakable evidence of the disastrous consequences of spilled oil.

Booms have been shown in Washington state and elsewhere to greatly improve the possibility of catching spilled oil before it can reach delicate habitats and susceptable wildlife. If we intend to protect San Francisco Bay and California's other rich coastal environments we must mandate this proven prevention measure for the predictable yet risky oil transfers in open waters.

The time is now to add your voice to WildCare's petition to support AB 234. Help us increase protection for California's wildlife!

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Thank you,
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Karen Wilson
Executive Director

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Severely oiled pelican in Louisiana. Photo by Arlene Davis

A heavily oiled pelican. Oiled birds suffer hypothermia and eventually die if not captured and cleaned. Help us minimize the risk. Photo by Arlene Davis
Refueling. Photo by jsanders
Hundreds of vessels refuel in California's waters with no requirements for protective booms. Photo by jsanders
Pelicans flying. Photo by Gord McKenna
Pelicans flying over Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay. Click to help keep our waterways free of oil. Photo by Gord McKenna


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