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spacer2.gifA Pygmy Owl at WildCare

This little Pygmy Owl was hit by a car and was admitted to WildCare with several broken bones. In this video Medical Staff evaluates him after his splints and bandages have been removed. 
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Pygmy Owl with splinted leg. Photo by Alison Hermance
Pygmy Owl with a splinted leg. Photo by Alison Hermance

A tiny car-crash victim

This tiny Pygmy Owl, less than five inches tall, arrived at WildCare on February 27 with the tell-tale broken bones of a car-crash victim. How does a bird this tiny get hit by a car and survive? We'll never know, but this little owl, while very injured, was still feisty.

Over the next weeks Medical Staff provided pain medications, supportive care and regular splint and bandage changes. Our pygmy patient ate well, and several entries on his medical chart noted he was "BAR" which means "bright, alert and responsive." He often clacked his beak at staff and volunteers, which indicated he felt well enough to be defensive.

On March 14 the final wing wrap was removed and the little owl was observed to see if his leg and coracoid fractures had healed. Although still not putting 100% of his weight on the broken leg, he was doing very well.

His prognosis is guarded but good according to Medical Staff.

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Pygmy Owl being weighed at WildCare. Photo by A Hermance
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