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WildCare Family Adventures

Enjoy a day out in nature with the family. WildCare naturalists will lead fun family programs full of discovery. We’ll look for butterflies, flowers, birds, and much more. These programs are in English and Spanish and free to the public. Contact Marco for information at (415) 453 1000 Ext. 17 or marco@wildcarebayarea.org.

NOTE: WildCare STRONGLY encourages carpooling, or you can reserve space in our free shuttle service from the Canal area of San Rafael. Call 415 453 1000 ext. 17 for details and to reserve space.

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Oak Woodlands. Photo from CA Native Garden Found.  

Hike in Beautiful Indian Tree

Saturday, August 23, 2014 10:am - 12:30pm

This is one of the best preserves to visit during a summer heat wave as the trails up the north facing slopes are cloaked in forests of oak, bay, and madrone. These trails ascend through shaded woodlands to reach the ridge beside clusters of massive redwoods and fields of ferns. So many different habitats mean that there is a tremendous variety of animals to encounter as you ascend from the valley to the redwood groves at the top. The open places at the top are usually moist from summer fog drip and caressed by cool west winds.

Getting there: From Hwy 101 in Novato, take exit 463 for San Marin Dr west 2.7 miles. San Marin Dr turns into Sutro Ave at Novato Blvd. Follow Sutro Ave 1 mile, turn right at Vineyard Rd and follow 1 mile. Trailhead is on the left where the paved road becomes a dirt road.
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Coastal Clean-up Day
California Coastal Cleanup Day, coastalcleanupday.org

Join the Coast Cleanup at Muir Beach

Saturday, September 20, 2014 10:am - 12:30pm

WildCare Family Adventures will participate in the statewide coastal cleanup. Vast amounts of plastic debris litter the world's oceans causing harm to to wildlife. Most of this debris comes from land If not removed, it will end up in the ocean. We will have a little hike on the beach, and take part in this very important cleanup effort. Bring lunch!
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Get to Know WildCare

Saturday October 25, 2014 10:am - 12:30pm

Enjoy a short hike in nearby Gerstle Park, where we may spot red-shouldered hawks and dusky-footed woodrat nests. Following will be a tour of WildCare where you will meet our non-releasable ambassador animals in our courtyard and museum, and learn why they are there. You will learn about our hospital and how you can help to keep our wildlife safe.
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At Marin Sanitary

Visit to the Marin Sanitary Services Recycle and Transfer Station

Saturday, November, 8, 2014 10:am - 12:30pm

What happens to your trash?  What about your recyclables?  How should you get rid of household items or toxic materials? Marin Sanitary Services believes in the power of recycling to conserve our natural resources. Learn more about how you can safely dispose of hazardous wastes. As an added bonus, we will visit with the peacocks, chickens and pigs that live there.
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Programs offered in collaboration with the Canal Alliance, San Rafael, CA. Visit them online at www.canalalliance.org.


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