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Petition -- AB 1213 -- Bobcat Protection Act


Support the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013

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Tell the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water to take the right steps to end the trapping of Bobcats and sale of their fur overseas.

Urge the Senators on the Committee to support AB 1213 (Bloom) which will take steps to prevent the commercial exploitation of Bobcats in California.

Revisions to the bill mean it will not provide the sweeping ban of commercial Bobcat trapping that these animals need, but it is one of the steps we support towards that goal.

These beautiful cats are an integral part of their ecosystems, apex predators that keep populations of rodents and other small mammals in check.

Many of the state's Bobcats live in or adjacent to our beautiful national and state parks, monuments and refuges. Trapping of these animals as they leave protected areas must be halted, and AB 1213 does that!

Support Assemblyman Bloom's Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 and the eventual end to the commercial trapping of Bobcats!

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California State Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water
Sacramento, CA 94243

Dear Senators:

As a supporter of WildCare and a person who cares about wildlife in California, I am writing to urge you to help stop the exploitation of Bobcats for luxury fur markets overseas, and to ask you to support AB 1213 (Bloom), the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013.

Bobcats are a top predator in California, and they are necessary for the stability of the ecosystems in which they live. They are also an extremely valuable asset for California's outdoor tourism and wildlife-viewing industries.

Current California trapping law is antiquated, and allows for virtually unlimited trapping of Bobcats for commercial purposes during the trapping season from November 24 through January 31.

As the international demand increases for Bobcat pelts for use in luxury clothing, these animals need protection from exploitation. No one should be allowed to profit from trapping and killing these animals, and shipping their pelts to overseas markets.

In recent years the price of Bobcat pelts in luxury fur markets has increased exponentially, with a corresponding increase in the number of Bobcats taken by trappers.

Unscrupulous trappers place traps at the perimeters of California state and national parks to capture healthy Bobcats exiting these protected areas. These healthy animals are extremely important to the ongoing success of Bobcat populations in California, and trapping them on the outskirts of their protected habitats should not be allowed. While I feel there should be many more protections for Bobcats in California, preventing trapping in these sensitive areas is a positive step that should be enforced.

I urge you to support AB 1213 which will require the California Fish and Game Commission to amend its regulations to prohibit the trapping of bobcats within, and adjacent to, the boundaries of a national or state park, monument or preserve, national wildlife refuge, and other public or private conservation area identified by the commission for protection.

AB 1213 will also restrict the trapping of Bobcats on private property not belonging to the trapper without written permission, which will further protect the animals.

Please support the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 and use this as an opportunity to move California toward more responsible and ethical wildlife management.
Thank you for taking my concerns into consideration.





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